unwanted attention

I’m 17 years old and come from a loving, safe family. In my life, I can not recall being hit, let alone abused in any other way. However, every few months I have dreams about men trying to molest me. I've been having them for a few years.

Ever time its a different man, but lately it’s been old men. A couple nights ago I had a dream I was walking down the street and an old drunk man came up behind me and put his arms around me and kept trying to touch me. I ran away and told my ex-boyfriend, who then went to find him with the intention of seriously hurting him.

In past dreams, I remember an old man doing this but I was so afraid that I couldn’t move, and it just happened. What can this mean? How can I get it to stop? 

—Ley, Age 17, Single, Female, USA

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