Hi Lisa— 

Naked in public dreams are strange, aren’t they? We always wake up from them feeling a little embarrassed. What were we doing without our clothes on? 

What’s interesting about your dreams, though, is that no one seems to notice too much that your top is off—or that your clothes suddenly have disappeared! 

Your first dream suggests an increasing awareness about your breasts. As you grow older, your breasts naturally are developing. It’s normal to feel a bit self-conscious, but the fact that no one seems to notice, or makes a big deal about it, indicates that everyone else seems to think this is normal too. Which it is! 

Your second dream is different. You’re with your boyfriend, when suddely you realize you’re naked! You may be thinking sexually about your friend, but your dream also may indicate comfortable feelings of exposure. Being naked with someone we like often signifies that we feel open and uninhibited with this person. They are able to “see us” plainly, and we feel comfortable in their presence. 

If you’ve been feeling self-conscious recently, take these dreams as a sign that you’re getting to used to having a “brand new look.” If you’ve been feeling romantic toward your friend, you may also be nervous about getting more involved. 

What’s the message of this dream? Lots of things are changing—both in your body and in your relationships! Go at your own pace, and you’ll be feeling more comfortable in no time!

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