Hi Daniela— 

It’s weird to be naked, pregnant—and have someone die—all in the same dream. It’s not exactly the romance dream you were hoping for, is it?

Being pregnant with someone else’s baby—especially if it’s your crush (yes, we do think you like this boy...)—means that, emotionally, you’ve let him get close to you. You’ve let him “come inside you” a little bit—into your head, into your heart, into your thoughts and feelings as you go about your days. Being pregnant also is a metaphor for a new beginning, which in this case most likely symbolizes your relationship with Eric, whom you are beginning to “grow feelings for.” 

The scene where Eric dies most likely represents your fears that, once you’ve let yourself “fall” for this new boy in your life, he may not be there to return your love. Death in dreams is a symbol for change and separation. It doesn’t mean that Eric is in danger of really being attacked or shot. But it does mean that you worry about whether or not he will “be there” for you in the future. 

Next thing you know, you’re naked with Eric’s mom—sitting at his funeral! Talk about strange!! But if you’ve been to Ask the Dream Doctor before, you probably know that nudity in dreams (unless it’s a sex dream) almost always is a metaphor for feeling “emotionally exposed.” 

What’s the message of this dream? You’ve started to have feelings for Eric, and you’re worried about getting hurt! If you let yourself fall for him, is Eric the kind of guy who will be there when you need him? Or will he disappear into the night—leaving you cold and exposed? 

No matter what you decide, remember to always be careful with your heart... You only get one!!

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