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Hi Anonymous - 

It’s not even Valentine’s Day, and here you are here giving red roses to that quietly beautiful girl from your school? Is it possible that spring has finally arrived—with all its “blossoming” romance—up there in Canada? 

One of the mysterious gifts of dreams is that they often show us qualities about people that we haven’t recognized yet at a conscious level. Sometimes we see things we don’t like (someone we know appears bossy or controlling in a dream, or just plain scary—like a monster!) Other times, like in your dream, we see good things that, for some reason or another, we just didn’t pay much attention to before. 

I don’t think it’s an accident or “random” that this girl starred in your dream. Not only did you dream of giving her red roses (symbols of passion), the dream continued to where you see her the next day at school. You were already feeling great about her (love is in the air....) when suddenly she walks up behind you. Then you give her a hug and tell her how beautiful she is. This does not qualify as a random dream! To the contrary, it’s a long dream dedicated to one person, who makes you feel great from beginning to end. 

What’s the meaning? It’s time to practice those “Romeo and Juliet” skills of yours in the real world, Anonymous! It sounds like you were pretty suave in your dream, so if you’re still feeling cool, why don’t you give her a flower in real life? (You don’t have to give her a full bunch of roses—remember, it’s the symbolism that counts!) Tell her that you dreamed about giving her a flower, and that you wanted to make your dreams come true. 

If she pulls you into the bathroom (think private) for a chat—you’ll know she got the message!

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