Hi Annie - 

It’s always hard to prove whether or not you’ve had a psychic dream. For example, you probably didn’t tell your mom that you had a strange dream in which you were writing a postcard to someone with a picture of Florida on the front. If you had, I’m sure she’d be impressed with your dream telepathy. Also, you always have to wonder if, before your teacher left on her trip, she said something about going to Florida, and maybe even told you (or the whole class) that she’d send you a postcard! In that case your dream wouldn’t necessarily be psychic - you’d just be dreaming about the postcard that you were expecting - except that the dream got it a little jumbled around - you were writing the postcard instead of receiving it in the mail. 

On the other hand, maybe you did have a psychic dream. Psychics say that they can “pick up” on what other people who are close to them are thinking or doing. It sounds like you have a pretty close relationship to your teacher - so maybe you could feel her - all the way from Maryland to Florida - as she was thinking to herself that she wanted to write you a postcard. 

Have you ever had the experience where you start thinking about someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time - and next thing you know they call you on the phone? It’s strange - but it happens all the time.

Why don’t you do a psychic experiment? Think of a number between 1 and 10. After you’ve written it down, concentrate on the number and have one of your good friends try and to “pick up” what it is. Do this ten times in a row, and see how many times - if any - your friend gets the number right. Then turn it around and have your friend think of the number and you try to “read her thoughts.” If you get more than one out of ten correct - then you’ve beaten the odds of guessing. If you get more than 5 right, you may have a career as a fortune teller!

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