rotten food

Hi Neda— 

This dream is sending you a very clear message about your boyfriend. He still can’t figure out anything nice to say to you—and your experience with him is beginning to leave a bad taste in your mouth! Is it time to find a new friend? 

Houses in dreams represent ourselves. They also represent relationships that we have “built together” with other people. In your dream, the house you are in with your ex is old and run down! What’s the dream message? Your relationship together is starting to feel like “old news,” and it’s about to fall apart completely! 

The fact that your boyfriend can’t find anything nice to say doesn’t help the situation. In the dream you try to have a normal conversation with him, but you keep winding up getting hurt. Then when he gives you an orange to eat, instead of it being juicy and delicious, it’s sour and hard to peel. 

Food in dreams is a common symbol for emotional nourishment. Judging by your sour orange, though, you don’t feel like your boyfriend is very easy to communicate with (hard to peel) and he certainly isn’t acting very sweet! 

As this dream ends, you don’t know if your boyfriend is laughing at you or not. What’s the message? Your dream lets us know that you sometimes wonder if your ex is even a friend. Translation? It’s time to let go of your ex, and wash his bad taste out of your mouth!

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