see the future

Hi Megan— 

Why do people always think dreams can predict the future? Is it because we think dreams come from another place—that may be able to “see through time?” (Einstein said time travel was possible.) Or do we think dreams are messages from our spirit guides, that also can see the future? 

Your dream is a good example of “dream incubation.” When you ate that hard boiled egg, and then walked backwards to bed, you were preparing yourself to dream about a certain area of your life, by performing a ritual that made you concentrate on your dream question. In this case, you wanted to know more about your future true love—the person you will marry one day. And it worked! That night you dreamed about a guy you really like a lot. 

Can you imagine how many people are going to start eating hard boiled eggs now, and walking around their houses backwards? (When your parents ask, just tell them you’re “incubating your dream.”) 

But your dream shows us how effective dream incubation can be. If you really want to dream about something (it doesn’t have to be who you are going to marry) start cooking that egg, and after you eat it, walk backwards to bed. Then you can dream about anything you want!

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