sky diver

Hi Sylvie — 

That’s not a fun jump out of a plane and then realize you don’t have a parachute! 

Whenever we fall in a dream, it means we’re feeling uncertain about the future. Because you currently live in France, but your English sounds like you grew up in the USA, enquiring minds want to know: Did your family move around a lot when you were younger? If so, then this could definitely have caused your dreams. You didn’t know which country you were going to “land in” next! 

The dreams also could have reflected uncertainty about home issues. If you grew up with parents who were going through some hard times or a divorce, you may have been worried about where you were going to “wind up living.” You also may have felt like you could use a little more direction and support in your life.

The fact that the dreams have stopped is positive. This means you’re feeling better about the direction you’re headed, and that you’re confident in your ability to get there. Congratulations on getting your feet back on solid ground!

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