Hi Jay— 

In your first dream this girl you like is sitting “in the driver’s seat” in your driveway. She’s waiting for you to come along, to join her to go to the movies. You, on the other hand, are slacking—at a time when you should be hopping to it! In the dream it takes you 15-30 minutes to get ready! What’s up with that? 


You also tell us that you’ve met eyes with this girl a couple times (in your Health and Bio classes), and that you REALLY like her, but you still haven’t said hello to her yet... 

Are we beginning to see a connection here? You’re slacking in your dreams, and you’re also slacking in your waking life! 

Instead of asking your friend to find out if she has a boyfriend, why don’t you just talk to her yourself one day in class? That way you can make your own opinion about whether you like her or not. If it turns out she’s nice, and that you really do like her, then your second dream (you two being on a date together) may come true sooner than you think. 

What’s the message of this dream? It’s time to figure out whether this girl is “the real deal”... or not. Make a point to talk to her. And if you DO get a date to the movies.....DON’T take 30 minutes to get ready...!!

Good luck!

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