snake bite

Hi Serena— 

Ouch! This does not sound like the greatest dream! You go to your boyfriend’s house, and if you’re not being attacked by sharks, you’re getting bitten by snakes! What kind of hospitality is that? 

There is always a balance in interpreting dreams—between not taking them too seriously (translation: don’t dump him yet)—while still paying attention to signals they may be sending. 

his dream suggests a fear of getting hurt. In the dream the shark tried to bite you, and then the snake actually did! And both these attacks happened when you were over at your boyfriend’s house! 

Snakes in dreams are symbols for change and growth, and they often appear in dreams when we are uncertain of our futures. You and your boyfriend recently became engaged, which may explain part of this dream. If your relationship is getting serious, there may be some feelings that you are uncertain of. Becoming closer with another person always involves a risk of being hurt. The closer we are, the more it will hurt if it doesn’t work out. 

Snakes can also be sexual symbols in dreams. If you and your boyfriend are sexually active, this dream may represent some of your fears of becoming pregnant before you are ready. In the dream the snake “bit you,” and then there were “baby” snakes growing inside your foot, and then you had to go to a hospital to have them “removed!” 

What’s the message of this dream? If you think you’re at risk for getting pregnant, then take your dream’s advice—and refuse to have sex without using birth control. If you think your dream symbolizes fears of being hurt emotionally, then keep your eyes open, but remember that being vulnerable is a risk you have to take for love. 

(We all get bitten once or twice!)

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