snake with my boyfirend!

Hi Blue— 

It sounds like this Lauren girl is a pretty formidable enemy. When she finished eating your sweetie, she turned her evil eye on you, and you were frozen in your tracks! 

The first part of your dream isn’t too hard to translate. Girl in skimpy outfit steals guy from good woman. (Has it occurred to you that maybe you should be asking your sweetie why he’s such a pushover for flirty girls?) 

Lauren moves quickly. Before you know it, she’s married your sweetie, and then, in the middle of the wedding ceremony, she actually becomes a snake! Snakes in dreams often symbolize sexual energy and wisdom, but they also can refer to people who are evil and poisonous, and who speak with a “forked tongue” (lie a lot). In this case, Lauren is definitely the evil (and sexy) “other woman.” The problem is, she’s got you paralyzed! 

Whenever we dream of being frozen in place or unable to run away from an attacker, it means we are feeling powerless against this person in real life. We can’t escape, or even throw punches to defend ourselves. 

What’s the solution? You may want to have that heart to heart with your sweetie (if he has a wandering eye), and explain the difference between good and bad taste. (You are good taste. Lauren is bad). You also may want to go to the gym and flex those muscles a bit. Next time Lauren comes flirting by your man, let her know that you and your honey—both—are ready to defend your territory.

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