swears a lot!

Hi Sarah— 

Wow! What a beep beep beepin strange dream! 

It just goes to show. You may not SAY swear words in your real life, but you sure KNOW what they mean!

Do you think you’ve been upset lately about being “treated like a baby?” Usually if we act aggressively in a dream—if we get into fights with people, or if we start yelling and screaming and attacking them—it’s a pretty good sign that we are frustrated. 

Your dream makes it clear that you aren’t very happy about your parent’s recent decision to keep using a baby-sitter for you and your brothers. This is why you were swearing at your baby-sitter, and also is why you were carving those swear words into your best friend’s tree! You were letting off some steam! 

Something you might not have considered yet, though, is that your parents really are keeping that baby-sitter around for your younger brothers. In other words, it’s not just you they’re worried about! For example, when they go out to do something, they may feel safer if there is an adult around who might be able to call the police or firetrucks if there ever was an accident. If you tripped and fell and got hurt, and weren’t able to get to the phone, would your brothers know what to do? Would they be calm enough to give the firemen good directions? Would they know the right number to dial? 

I think you need to let your parents off the hook on this one, Sarah. Soon enough, (if you don’t swear too much...) they’ll be asking you to babysit your brothers—and they’ll be paying YOU the money at the end of the night! Then you can sit around and read your book—and get paid for it! 

(Not a bad job... ;-)

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