Hi Sara - 

I’m not sure what there is to be frightened about! It sounds like a great dream! 

Research indicates that one function of dreams is to help us prepare for the future. In this sense, your dreams may be “test rehearsals” for some of those good conversational skills you have lurking beneath your “shy” appearance. Next time you are talking with your friends at school, why don’t you make a point of including some new people in your group - who ordinarily might be too shy to join in? I think your dream is telling you that it’s OK to talk to “strangers” at school! 

Your dream also reminds me of when people dream they are naked in public - but are surprised to find that no one notices that they don’t have any clothes on. When people have this dream it usually means they are feeling more exposed than they really are. In your case, I think you may be worrying too much about what you say to people. Your dream is showing you that everyone thinks you are fine - and that you’re their equal. What’s the message of your dream? People want you to speak up! They want to hear what you have to say!

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