Hi Sleepless - 

Have you ever had that weird experience where you open your eyes five seconds before your clock-radio or your alarm goes off? How does that happen? How did you know it was time to wake up? 

It’s a strange event, but I bet it has happened to most sleepers. Research has shown that during sleep, a part of our brain is still awake, as it were, and is able to keep track of time. This is why lots of people are able to awaken without an alarm clock - especially if they know they have to get up at a certain time for an important event. 

You are having this dream practically every morning. What’s going on is that, as you approach the time that your brain knows you have to get up, you start dreaming about it. This is why you dream that your work “won’t let you go back to sleep.” Because it’s true! You’re going to have to get up in a few minutes - to go to work! 

The significance of this dream (Sleepless) most likely is that you’re not getting enough sleep! You are 16 years old, and believe it or not, from the time you are 14-20 years old, your body actually needs more sleep than it used to only a few years ago - because you are “going through adolescence” and your body is growing so fast! 

If you can figure out a way to go to bed an hour earlier each night, odds are very good that you won’t have this dream anymore - and you’ll have more energy during the day! 

Good Luck!

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