teenage mom!

Hi Karen -

I hope you are a mother in the future, because raising a happy family will definitely be one of your life’s greatest pleasures—and accomplishments. Starting a family is hard work (and you want to make sure you have a great partner), but it’s also incredibly rewarding.

Speaking of hard work, your dream suggests that you already know that starting a family isn’t a decision to be made carelessly or without a lot of thought. In fact, if you did have a baby right now - it might turn out a lot like your dream. You’d still have university to attend (or you’d have to quit, at least for while), and you’d probably have to work even harder, in order to support your baby. You wouldn’t have time for everything, so you’d probably, just like in your dream, have to give your baby to your Mom during the day to take care of.

It’s normal for women to dream about being pregnant, and having babies. But the message of this dream is clear; you’re not ready yet! If you’ve been worried about getting pregnant recently, take this dream as a call to action. It’s time to take control of your—and your family’s—future. Always practice safe sex, and always use birth control. This is a dream that you don’t want to come true!

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