Hi Vanessa— 

Dreams of teeth falling out are one of the most common dreams people have. They’re also one of the most confusing! What is so important about our teeth that we could all be having the same dream? 

If you do the following experiment, you’ll learn why teeth are so vital. 

Next time you see Bryan, pay careful attention to your behavior. I’m willing to bet that, nine times out of ten, the first thing you do when you see Bryan - before you hug him, kiss him, or even ask him about his day - is you smile at him. Translation? You show him your teeth! 

Most of us don’t think about our smiles too much, but they really are very important communication tools. When we smile at someone, we’re sending him or her an important message that our intentions are friendly and peaceful. Smiles also carry romantic meaning. If we smile at a cute guy or girl at school or on the beach, we’re letting them know that we wouldn’t mind saying hello and speaking with them. Finally, to see how important our teeth really are to our overall appearance, go give yourself a big smile in the mirror. Our smiles (including our teeth) and our eyes are the first things people see when they meet us. 

In your dream, you were worried that Bryan would “dump you” if he saw your teeth. If you two have had a hard time communicating recently—if Bryan doesn’t call you often enough, or if he doesn’t ask you out all the time—you may be worried about your looks or sex appeal. 

What’s the message of this dream? If Bryan hasn’t been paying enough attention to you, it may be time to use your smile to talk to some other guys. If you’ve just been feeling insecure lately, take this dream as a reminder to pay attention to all the things that make you feel good about yourself. Beauty comes from the inside out, and no one —not even an occasionally inattentive boyfriend—can take that away from you!

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