Hi Sarah— 

The reason your tornado dreams are getting stronger (and starting to move your house around) is because of all that “pressure” you’re under to go to college next year. Pretty soon a big “whirlwind” is going to come down out of the sky, and take you away to a new city, a new school, and a new group of friends. Are you ready for the ride? 

Storms in dreams are common metaphors for “turbulent” emotional periods in our lives. If we can see a storm on the horizon (like a tornado), we know it is only a matter of time until the storm strikes. Tornadoes often are associated with “stormy” people—who have drug or alcohol problems, or violent tempers—but they also symbolize sudden change, and fears of being separated from our family. 

It’s normal to be nervous as you head off into the great big unknown. Your dream shows that the winds of change are beginning to grow stronger, but we also know that a veteran tornado girl like yourself isn’t easily blown off course! Keep in close touch with your family (and your dog, Beau), and you’ll survive the transition to college in style!

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