unwanted attention

Hi Ley— 

Your “old men” dreams are definitely creepy, but it’s time to breathe a big sigh of relief. They don’t mean you ever were molested as a kid (and can’t remember it) and they also aren’t precognitive. 

Unfortunately, dreams of unwanted sexual advances are common among women. What’s the reason? As you make the transition from being a “girl” to being a “woman,” men are beginning to look at you differently. They’re attracted to you! Judging by your dreams though, some of this increased attention gives you goosebumps! A drunk man in an alley who stares as you walk by is definitely not your dream date! 

You ask how you can make these dreams stop, but a couple items you include in your report show us you already are on your way. Remember how in earlier dreams you felt paralyzed and weren’t able to defend yourself? In your last dream you were able to run away—and you were able to find a friend to defend you. It’s a big change in your dreams, and it shows us that you already are much more confident, and assertive, when it comes to taking care of yourself. 

Next time you have one of these “unwanted attention” dreams (or even if it’s in real life...), tell the creep who’s bugging you to buzz off. He doesn’t stand a chance with a strong woman like yourself!

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