wedding night

Hi Ashley— 

It’s a little early for you to be sleeping in your parent’s bed, don’t you think? 

This older man has definitely caught your eye, but your dream shows that starting a relationship with him would be like trying to “play the role of a parent.” That’s why you’re sleeping in your parent’s bed (and not your own!) 

The wedding cake is another clue that your mind has been racing forward in time. Is it possible that this man possesses qualities that—some day—you hope to find in a future partner? If he reminds you of your father (how old is he?) this may be another reason you are sleeping in your parent’s bed. 

It’s normal to wonder about “the one”—who he will be, how he will look, what your lives together will be like. This dream shows that you really do have a crush on this man (you dreamed of marrying him!)—but it also shows that, for right now, the age distance is way too great! 

What’s the message? When you meet Mr. Right, you won’t be eating wedding cake in your parent’s bed!

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