Hi Andrea -

I am delighted to learn that you are in love. As we know, though, affairs of the heart are full of risk. (Actually, they’re a bit like cars on windy, mountain roads...)

Your dream appears to be a metaphor for the perils of traveling on “love’s highway.” After one of these murderers shoots you in the chest (the heart?), you are “dumped” unceremoniously from the car - literally for sport. As the dream ends, you are hiding from view, even from people who could help you, because you are concerned about your appearance.

Is it possible this dream represents your fear of being hurt, and of being “dumped,” (so to speak) from your new romance? The dream is set in Colorado, which appears to be a reference to a previous experience. (Did you leave a heartbreak behind, when you moved to Minneapolis?) If so, the four murderers may represent past relationships in your life - where you wound up being hurt before. The fact that you hide from view after the shooting (rather than seeking help) suggests a fear of social embarrassment, rather than a literal fear of violence.

Cars in dreams typically represent the self - the “direction we are headed” in our lives. The fact that you are a passenger in this car (and not the driver) suggests a passive role in your current relationship. Do you think you are allowing your new lover to “control the direction” of your relationship too much?

If you are working through fears of being hurt (again) in a relationship, you have the empathy of everyone who has ever driven love’s highway. Having passed this way before, may we impart some tips to a younger traveler? The “mountain pass” you are struggling to cross in your dream most likely has twin peaks. Not only must you and your lover learn to give each other the gift of trust again—which is earned through the consistency of one’s actions, and not just words—you also need to encourage each other to take equal turns behind the steering wheel.

If you can cross this “mountain pass” together—with each of you sharing the driver’s seat—the view will be everything you ever dreamed of, and more!

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