true love

Hi Ahmed -

I think you may still be in love with this girl. Rain in dreams tends to symbolize resolution, and the washing away of old tensions. In the dream she was sitting with you in your car, and everything she held was yours: your mug, your pin, your walkman, even your bag. Isn’t that how love is? We want to share everything with our lover - what is ours is theirs. And she was with you in your car, and you were behind the steering wheel. This shows again that you would like her to travel with you, to join you in your life’s journey. The role which water plays in your dream is very significant. It is raining so much your car begins to fill up and you two float away. But there is no disaster or panic. You find a beach side road, the car disappears, and you walk away on foot.

Water in dreams almost always represents our unconscious mind, and our feelings and emotions. Your dream is showing you how you feel toward this woman; on an emotional level you still love her very much and want her to be with you. The tension that is being relieved, that is symbolized by the rain in the dream, no doubt is the tension you felt when you first asked her to be with you, and she said no. Maybe now that some time has gone by you can give her a second chance, and ask her to give you a second chance as well.

I like the fact that you two walk away together at the end of the dream. It bodes well for the future.

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