the new me

Hi Anonymous -

I think the dead, severed hand may be a relationship in your life right now that you need to liberate yourself from in order to arrive at the future self you so vividly experienced in your dream. The relationship is clinging to you, and you feel comfortable and even sentimentally attached to it, but beware that it also is beginning to infect you. You decide in your dream that it’s best to shake it off and leave it behind. Good Luck!


Dear Dream Doctor,

Thanks very much for your interpretation of my dream.

Yes, you are right here. I think because the “ dead hand” part of the dream was in my town centre where I live, it could have been telling me that my life here is over. I’ve had a wish to make a new life in Tokyo for sometime now, and have been looking for ways to make it possible. I am certainly aware that there is nothing here for me, except my relationship with my brother. Also I had thought in real life that the man in my dreams (who is based in Tokyo) was out of my league, but if I bluffed or “acted the part” I could give myself a chance with him. In reality I am afraid of what will happen when I do go there and how things will turn out.

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