roadside attraction

Hi Kevin—

You may laugh when I tell you this, but bicycles in dreams often are associated with sexual activity. It's the motion we make while riding them, and the pressure in our genital area!

Your friend’s dream shows that she fears you may “ride out of control” and get injured. If she has sensed your attraction for her, then her dream may be a reflection of her thought that your flirtation together may get “out of control”—and that you will get hurt as a result. Have you been extroverted and a “show-off” with her, to impress her? If so, she may have noticed that you are becoming over-excited!

The bus you hit either is a reference to your wife (the damage you will do to your marriage) or to your own “crash, ” as a result of becoming emotionally involved with an unavailable woman. The way you bounce up though—she thinks you are fairly resilient.

he key theme of this dream is that you are out of control, and as result, you become injured. The bicycle setting, and your observation that she is attractive, is what sets the romantic tone for the dream—as the cause for what may send you out of control and “headlong” into danger.

Are you keeping your eye steadily on the road in your married life—and at work—and not becoming distracted by roadside attractions?

Dear Dream Doctor—

Even though we are both married, I was hoping that her dream meant she was attracted to me—but I think you hit the nail right on the head! I have not “showed off” to her, but she is very attractive, and she knows it. (Her clothes are promiscuous.) I do sometimes go out of my way to help her. She also seems to call me for help more than is needed. I also find myself positioning myself when I am near her so that I may have a better view of her posterior. (It is perfect.)

I didn’t think she ever noticed, but from what you said, she must have. Like I said, I am married and I have never cheated nor will I. (I’m not trying to pull a “Bill Clinton” here, but I don’t consider “looking” as cheating.) When she came to me and told me this dream, I just had to know if she found me attractive.

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