pregnant or not pregnant?

Hi Leslie -

The great value of dreams in our lives is that they show us feelings and awarenesses that are on our minds - often at a subconscious level. In your case, it sounds like your dreams of “impending motherhood” have taken you a bit by surprise. After all, you’ve only known this guy for a month, and here you are dreaming about bearing his children! Wow! That’s fast for anyone! But also not uncommon! :-)

I think it’s great that you have met someone that you can get so excited about. Because let’s face it - thrilling people don’t walk through our doors everyday. But I think your dreams also have shown you that your emotions - and perhaps even your biological drives - may be galloping ahead of your common sense.

A common rule of thumb in dating is that it takes about six months to get to know anybody. If a relationship is still great and exciting after six months, odds are that you have found someone you genuinely are compatible with. If, on the other hand, the bloom already is “off the rose,” you will be relieved that you didn’t rush into any long-term commitments - which marriage, and especially having children, both are.

Your dreams have made you uneasy because you are aware that, realistically speaking, it is too early to begin thinking about these types of commitments with this new man. Your dreams also are revealing to you just how strong your drive is now to bear children. You may be nervous that the power of this drive could affect your judgment or cause you to make some rash decisions. I agree with your sentiments completely. The Dream Doctor’s advice? Take a few deep breaths - and resolve to go forward at a steady pace. If it’s a good wine, it will improve with age.

Good luck!

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