point of view

Hi Anonymous—

You may not have understood this dream from an intellectual perspective, but your actions show that you clearly understood its emotional message.

During a difficult period in your marriage, your wandering attention threatened to bring you and your husband a great deal of pain. Your dream showed that an affair with a co-worker, tempting though it was, might permanently injure your relationship at home. Based upon this balanced display of temptation and cost, you chose to find a much more constructive, and ultimately simpler, solution to your problem. You encouraged your honey to get on the day shift!

Your report is a compelling illustration of how dreams often are able to assist us in our everyday decision making. Would an affair just for sex (your co-worker tells you he loves his fiancee more) be worth the damage it would cause to your marriage? To help you answer this question, the dream allows you to see the situation from your husband’s perspective—the view from the window. In a heartbeat, you know the answer. From the day you woke up from this dream, I doubt you have ever viewed an extra-marital affair in the same light. Your dream showed you something that we all intuitively know about affairs—but that occasionally it helps to be reminded of. Affairs are selfish—and they do hurt relationships.

Congratulations on having the courage to learn from your inner voice. The ability of dreams to help us to see—and correct—self-destructive behaviors is one of their greatest gifts.

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