my wife's sister

Dear Confused -

If you look around in this section of “Ask the Dream Doctor,” you’ll find you have a lot of company. Nearly everybody has a dream, at one time or another, about being involved with someone other than their partner. In your case - heck! - you married your wife! If her sister is anything like her at all, and odds are good that she is, then you’re bound to at least be somewhat attracted to her.

You asked for some advice, so I’ll give you some, based on the scant information you provided. Your dream took you by surprise. You said so yourself: “I didn’t realize I was attracted to her.” Here’s the rub: If you’ve known her this long and never recognized that you were attracted to her, then it can’t be much of an attraction, can it? My advice is don’t do anything rash that would jeopardize the trust and respect your wife and you share for each other. It’s natural to be attracted to other people. Don’t let it blow you off course.

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