man next door...

Hi Tracy -

Usually when people start fantasizing about relationships with other people, it’s a sign that there is work to do at home. Before you get too far along in these imaginations about your neighbor, (and consider leaving your husband), I hope you’ll splash some cold water on your face and remind yourself that - indeed - you don’t know your neighbor at all!

The reason why fantasy is exciting is because it’s fantasy. It ís always going to be exciting and romantic and candlelit and passionate. (Have you ever fantasized about a really horrible, dull, empty relationship?

But you are wise enough to know that committed relationships, especially with children, require a great deal more depth and balance to sustain them than simple romance. Sexual attraction is easy. Building a mutually nurturing relationship with another person - and creating a loving home for your children? Wow! Now that’s an accomplishment!

It’s natural to be curious about other people, but it’s wise to be realistic about your attractions. (Did I mention that you don’t know this person?) Also, you write to us that you are content in your marriage. Millions of people around the world would love to trade places with you. You have a happy home and family life.

The Dream Doctor’s advice? Don’t lose sleep over these dreams. Be proud of what you have created at home - in the real world - and work to keep the fires warm.

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