ladder of romance

Hi Nancy—

Ladders in dreams are symbols representing our ascent to "the next level" in our lives -- usually an advance in our professional career (we are climbing the ladder of success) or a social destination that we hope to achieve. Given the background you provide, it's easy to see that the ladder in your dream represents your current romantic relationship. After investing six years of time and effort, your boyfriend's hesitation to commit to marry is causing you to feel stranded -- like you are stuck at the top of a ladder!

The men who surround the ladder in your dream play a curious role. If you have been thinking about switching ladders recently (to find a new man in your life, who is marriage and family-minded), your dream suggests that you may have several suitors, but none who has made a serious offer of commitment. Is this the "physical assistance" you seek in the dream, as you contemplate stepping down the ladder? The reference to alcohol further suggests a party atmosphere. Will any of these "offers of encouragement" be honored in the morning?

If your boyfriend isn't ready to assume the responsibilities of marriage after a six-year courtship, then the message of your dream is clear. It's time to come down off the ladder, and begin working with a partner who won't leave you stranded.

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