internet lover wants to kill me

Hi Anonymous -

I think you are worried about getting involved with someone whom you know only through the Internet - which is to say that you really don’t know him very well at all. Let’s consider the facts. You don’t know what he looks like, how he dresses, or how he acts. You don’t know if he is eighteen or thirteen or thirty. And you don’t know if he’s ever been in jail before or not.

These are drastic examples, but unfortunately all of them could be true. You do have to be careful about who you get involved with in this world - even under the best of circumstances. The safest way to meet people is through your friends - that way you know that, if your friends like them, you probably will like them too. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t say hello to strangers - but you do need to be very careful and discriminating.

Did this guy do something that gave you a scare or do you think your dream is just reflecting a general “spook” you had?


Thank you very much for responding to my dream so quickly. To answer your questions, no, he has never done anything to scare me. That’s why my dream seemed so wierd. He has always seemed very nice. And, yes, he has my home phone number, but my number is unlisted in the phone books.

Anonymous -

Your dream most likely reflects your concerns - no doubt reinforced by your parent’s warnings - about talking to strangers. I would take your time meeting your on-line friend though. And when you do decide to get together and meet him in person, be sure one of your parents is with you, so that they can meet him and be re-assured as well.

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