intellectual high

Hi Confused—

No wonder you're second-guessing your intuition. One minute your best friend is telling you this intellectual is a good friend, the next she's telling you he's a scumbag. What's up with that kind of advice?

The great benefit of dreams is that they allow us to "see" thoughts and feelings that we hold at a subconscious level. In your case, it appears this "high" intellectual has stimulated the sexiest organ in your body -- your brain! (And you'd like the conversation to continue...)

Your dreams suggest you've perceived a kindred soul in your interactions with this man. The fact that the dreams recur indicates that your curiosity is still strong. After all your years of dream work, are you going to "miss the boat" on such a transparent message?

It's time to get together with this man of your dreams. Whether your attraction is romantic or "just intellectual" is a discovery you'll have the pleasure of making in the real world.

Ask him for coffee or ask him to a party where you'll be able to sit together and chat. If you don't allow intellectual sparks to grow into flames of passion you'll never know what could have been.

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