hanging on

Hi Christina -

Your dream appears to be a metaphor for your current marital woes. I think it is clear that you are identifying with the woman who is the character on the soap opera. Just as she is on trial for murder, you most likely feel that your marriage is going through a period of “trial,” or could actually go to trial if you decide to divorce.

Your dream suggests that you are a strong-willed person who is confident about your future. You’re hanging on to the ledge of a building (your relationship), with the potential of a free-fall below you (divorce), but you’re not really worried about the fall (the future). It’s a tough spot. One message of the dream I would consider is that no one else is able to pull you inside the window - rescue you - from your current plight. When we’re in difficult situations it is natural to hope to be rescued. But I think your dream is showing you that you are going to have to “save” yourself. Getting out of that hanging situation is going to require some action and conscious decision-making on your part. If you haven’t seen a marriage counselor yet - I suggest you both give it a try. Perhaps that will be the arm that pulls you through the window and rescues you from your current plight of “hanging on.”

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