dream lover

Hi Dream Lover -

Congratulations on finding someone you’re so excited about. And yes - your dreams definitely mean you’re attracted to this man - as if you needed confirmation!

Your “dream lover” sounds like a nice guy - and he seems willing to take his time to build a solid new friendship - and perhaps relationship - with you. You do not indicate whether your dream man is divorced or widowed - but in either case I congratulate you both on having healed the hurt and disappointment that divorce, or death, brings. It takes courage to love again - so give yourself credit.

One of the curious truths of relationships - which all divorcees learn the hard way - is that it genuinely takes a long time to get to know another person. As a result of your experiences, it appears that neither of you is in a rush to start a deeply emotional relationship.

The Dream Doctor’s advice? Aim for friendship, and if it develops into something more - consider yourself blessed.

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