first words

Hi Ruven—

Next time you want to say “Hi” to a girl and can’t think of a way to break the ice, take off your watch, put it in your pocket, and go ask her the time. Then you can ask her if she comes here often, if she’s studying for a big test, if she’s looking forward to fall/winter/spring break, if she likes the school, if she thinks the professors are good...etc. There are so many things you two could talk about! But you need to get the first words out!

Whenever we have romantic dreams of virtual strangers we always are curious as to the meaning. Was the dream precognitive? Was it a sign that we should look up our long lost friend?

Given the background you’ve provided, and the fact that you also felt passionate with her in your dream, I think it’s clear you two have chemistry together. Now that you’re a few years older, why don’t you put it to the test? The fact that she’s stayed on your mind this long is significant, as is your dream.

The Dream Doctor’s advice? Look her up! Tell her you heard she was in town from a friend, and that you always wanted to meet her. Once you get the first words out, I don’t think you’ll have a hard time talking at all!

Good luck!

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