fiance betrays me

Hi Michelle—

Dreams during pregnancy are famous for being peculiar, and your dream is no exception. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Betrayal dreams always cause us to awaken disturbed. Are the dreams messages from our subconscious minds that our partner has begun an illicit affair? Has it really been going on "for quite a while" (as the dreams often suggest), and have we been too distracted -- or naïve -- to recognize the truth?

Fortunately, the background you provide gives us the clues we need to solve your dream. As the delivery date for your baby approaches, your security needs as a new mother are rising. Because you live with your partner but are not yet married, an element of uncertainty remains. Will your partner make good on his promise to marry and demonstrate the commitment required to build a family? Or will you be left alone, as you fear in your dream, to raise your child as a single parent?

Betrayal dreams also occur when we feel vulnerable about our appearance. As you prepare to change roles in your life from being a "lover" to a "mother," and as you have watched your body change shape, it is likely you have worried about maintaining your attractiveness and sexual desirability for your partner. All these concerns heighten fears about "the other woman." Will your partner find someone who is more attractive and "fun," someone whose needs are not as demanding as yours?

Because you have no reason to suspect your partner of infidelity, your dream is a normal reflection of fears in the face of a large commitment. Now more than ever, you need a partner you can rely on -- even if you're tired, not feeling sexy, or feeling awkward in your new body shape. What's the message of this dream? During a period of change and transition, it's time to give your partner the benefit of the doubt. Ask him for the love and support you need, as you begin the deeply rewarding journey of parenthood.

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