ex-lover sends a gift

Hi Kathy—

Only in a dream can email deliver gifts of precious gems!

I am happy to learn that you have been able to separate yourself from this man without causing either of you to become angry, or to make each other feel guilty or wrong. Nevertheless, your dreams show that you continue to care for him a great deal. The dreams you have had recently—of being married and pregnant with his child, and of discussing with his father his inability to commit—both are transparent. They reflect your continuing interest in this man as a potential long-term romantic partner (marriage, father of your children), and your lingering curiosity as to his inability to commit.

In your most recent dream, your ex sends you precious gems—arranged like a fish—via email. Mail in dreams is a metaphor for communication, while fish in dreams are associated with fertility. (Fish are common in the dreams of women who are pregnant for the first time, and represent the primitive developmental stage of the fetus.) Accordingly, enquiring minds want to know: Are you still “waiting to hear” (receive an email) whether your ex will be the father of your children?

Your dreams show that you still are open to having a relationship with your ex, despite your awareness of his difficulties with commitment. A broader understanding of your dreams, however, is that you are ready for a committed relationship in general. In this light, your dreams are encouraging you to locate a partner who can build this relationship with you—and who wants to do it in a time frame that works for both of you. Your dreams are encouraging you to keep your eyes and heart open, for a partner who is physically and emotionally available. He may not be your ex, but he will be a lucky man whoever he is!

Dear Dream Doctor—

I wanted to say thank you so much for the dream analysis. After I read your comments, everything started to make sense to me. Babies have been on my mind because I’ve been debating whether I want to have children or remain child-free. And yes, I’m ready for committed relationship with someone who is physically and emotionally available. I’m keeping my eyes open.

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