Hi Bibi—

It’s a beautiful dream image you’ve shared with us—one which I think every woman who has experienced the joy of having a new life growing inside her can relate to. Is their any act more creative that that fundamental and most basic one of all—passing on the gift of life, to another human soul?

In Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, a woman named Elizabeth Stone eloquently describes the thrill, and fears, of motherhood. “Making the decision to have a child,” she writes, “—it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

Expecting mother’s dreams are famous for being unusual, and most often reflect anxieties attendant to a mother’s childbearing odyssee. Will my baby be healthy? Will I still be attractive to my mate, now that I am crossing this irreversible bridge—from lover to mother? Your dreams, happily, show us the other side of this rainbow of creation. Your dreams show a spirit soaring high above the Earth—on the wings of an extraordinary creative process.

Readers familiar with this web site know that flying dreams come in distinct shapes and sizes. In some we are struggling to elude the grasp of a persuer’s reach, when miraculously, our bodies lift into the sky and we leave our attackers behind. (Translation? We are skilled at avoiding danger—and perhaps our problems.) In others we already are aloft, but are struggling to gain altitude and “rise above” obstacles. (Will we achieve our goals?) Then we have our more famous and celebrated flying dreams. Like a gift from God herself, we are able to soar magnificently and effortlessly through the heavens. Instantaneously we will ourselves to any location, near or distant. These exhilarating dreams are signs of confidence and empowerment. We are floating on air, above it all, and seem to be possessed with superhuman gifts. No obstacle stands in our path.

Next time this dream of joy comes to vist, try to recall for us the ecstatic melodies you hear inside. These are songs of rapture, and of wondrous contact with the Life force.

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