coming out

Hi Antonia - 

The dream makes sense in connection with your feelings of attraction for other women. Water in dreams nearly always symbolizes emotions and the unconscious. That the water is clear and calm also suggests emotional clarity and peace. 

Dolphins are definitely feminine symbols. They live in water (the emotions) and are sensitive, intuitive creatures. And as you say, you are attracted to them. You want to jump with them - which certainly could be a metaphor for sexual play - yet you are uncertain of yourself and feel like you may not be able to get out of the water - you feel heavy and awkward. But you jump just fine - arching your back with the best of them... :-) 

Perhaps you are longing for partners who will nurture your own feminine nature. I also agree that the “awakening feeling” is very much present in this dream. The discovery of your ability to jump, the happiness you feel, the ease with which you glide across the water - all are pleasant discoveries in the dream.

Best of luck exploring your new relationships. You may feel like a “fish out of water” at first, but I think you’ll learn to swim in no time!

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