cosmic sex

Hi Teresa—

I know a lot of people -- men and women alike -- who would like the recipe for that dream! It sounds pretty out of this world!

our dream is a great example of an "unconscious awareness" gaining consciousness through the vehicle of a dream. In other words, I think you noticed a long time ago that this former stranger down the hall was unusual, but it took an extraordinary dream to bring your attraction into focus.

Why did it take so long? Perhaps you were simply busy or preoccupied the times before when you saw him. Maybe you weren't in that loving frame of mind. But just because your conscious brain was asleep, it doesn't mean that the rest of your mind (that's right -- your subconscious) was also on vacation! On the contrary: Your subconscious, as usual, was wide awake and taking notes. It even penned you an urgent letter and mailed it to you Dream Express. "Pssst! Take a look at the guy down the hall again! He's great!"

What's the message? I think you've discovered a friend with whom you can share a lot of depth. I'd go back for several more looks. And if friendship leads to love, I think you can count on fireworks!

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