can't say your name

Hi Phoebe -

I think your cyber-lover’s dream is fairly straight-forward in that it shows a lot of things that he has been thinking about and planning in his life. That he will come to the Phillipines to visit you, that perhaps also you will go the Netherlands and be with him. I think it is significant that he has only one shoe as he departs - and that it is his work shoe. This most likely indicates that he is not prepared yet to make this trip (which in real life he is not, as you two are planning on seeing each other next year). The symbolism of the work shoe most likely is that he needs to arrange his work time off, or that he is concerned about having enough money yet for the expense of the trip.

The most interesting part of the dream, to me, is that your cyber- boyfriend is unable to say your name to you. You two are far away from each other and have never been together in person. His inability to say your name most likely reflects his own awareness that, despite your communication through the Internet, he still doesn’t know you very well. Often when people are imagining people whom they have not yet met they experience dreams where they are with the person, but unable to see their face. (See “Can’t See His Face!” in this section). I think his dream may be a variation on this.

I wish the best of luck to both of you. If the Internet can bring love between two people on opposite sides of the world, then it must be a very good invention indeed!

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