fear of pregnancy

Hi Becky -

I don’t think your dream is too hard to figure out! You’re worried about being pregnant. I also think that being in the “third trimester” of pregnancy corresponds to your third month without your period. The fact that you “frantically” search for a car seat suggests that you are not prepared for the arrival of this child.

Why don’t you go to the pharmacy and buy one of those over-the-counter pregnancy tester kits? Avoiding this situation may feel temporarily more comfortable, but in the long run you really need to find out what is going on and - as they say - bite the bullet and make some decisions. You may find out - to your relief - that you are not pregnant. As you most likely are aware, anxiety alone can cause women to miss their cycles. I think you already are nervous about being pregnant, so clarifying the situation by way of a test really may help. It may take away the stress you are feeling and allow your body to resume its normal cycles.

Don’t avoid reality, Becky. If you are pregnant, you have some life-determining decisions to make. I strongly recommend, if you are pregnant, that you speak with a professional counselor about your options. If you aren’t pregnant and this is just a scare - then next time you have sex, remember the misery of not planning ahead. Practice safe sex! Bringing children into this world is an act you want to do consciously and with a great deal of planning. Don’t let the heat of the moment cause you to lose your head! It’s not worth it!!

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