boyfriend is a werewolf

Hi Letta—

This is not a nice way to wake up, and your dream is sending you a very important message about the future: It’s time to think twice about increasing your commitment to your boyfriend!

When we are looking for a new place to live in a dream, it is a metaphor that we are anticipating a transition in our lives. In the context of your dream, your decision to move in to a new apartment together reflects your intention to build a committed relationship with him.

Even before you move in, however, this “dream apartment” begins to feel like a trap! There are no doors, and it is buried half-underground—a symbol that hidden, subconscious feelings reside there. Combined with the bars on the windows, the apartment soon begins to remind you of a prison—from which there is no escape.

Soon your boyfriend becomes sexually aroused, and turns into a savage, dangerous, animal—a werewolf! Werewolves in dreams are common metaphors for people we know who “change their personality” suddenly. Translation? You have noticed that your boyfriend acts like a different person (becomes a werewolf) whenever he is sexually aroused.

Your dream also reveals that your boyfriend’s sexuality has violent roots. In the dream you fear that he will attack you, and he savagely kills several of your office workers. His attacks of your coworkers reflect his desire to make them “go away” (murder them) and stop talking badly about him. (He wants to rip their faces off.) Does your boyfriend know that your co-worker (the man rescuing the girl in the dream) has advised you to leave him?

After the werewolf turns back into your boyfriend, you both pretend “like nothing had happened.” This sequence of the dream lets us know you have been disturbed by his sexual behavior before. When he treats you poorly, do you try to ignore it, or hope it will “just go away”?

Your dream shows that you are confused by your boyfriend’s behavior, because he acts normally most of the time, but “becomes another person” at others. What’s the meaning?Until your boyfriend demonstrates that he can maintain a stable personality, you do not feel
comfortable proceeding in your relationship with him. Intimate relationships require consistent levels of trust, communication, and respect. Today, this is one dream you do not want to come true.

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