Hi Kara -

I think your ears were burning!

It’s always tough to say - when we experience a “coincidence” like you describe - whether our ESP (extra sensory perception) was working or whether two related events just “happened” to occur at the same time. Scientists who study coincidence like to point out all the times that we have dreams - but then nothing happens the next day (or nearby in time) that causes us to believe we have had a premonition. For example, would you have placed as much significance on your dream had you not received the phone call the next evening? Most likely not. And then they would point out that this other lady, while she is not a good friend, at least is an acquaintance whom you speak regularly with over the phone. In fact, her phone call was overdue. You two had not spoken for five weeks!

I think it is always worthwhile to keep these “checks on our imagination” in mind as we ponder the significance of seemingly related events. After all, we don’t want to make too much of events that, indeed, may only be coincidental.

On the other hand, I always am fascinated how accurate our intuition often proves to be. I believe that our intuition is what results when we allow our five senses to mingle freely with each other as we contemplate a decision we must make, or as we make an assessment of the motivations and intentions of a person we are involved with - be it a prospective lover or a used car salesman. When we interact with people, we gather information about them at many different levels. We listen to what they say, but we also observe what they do. We again listen to what they say, but we also hear their tone of voice and internally register their body language. Accordingly, I believe navigating our lives by our intuition is wise: We allow ourselves to use all our “sense-abilities” as we prepare to make important decisions.

Dreams, like intuitions, do not come out of “thin air.” Something this person has done in the past - something you have picked up on in your interactions with her - most likely has led you to suspect that she is not really a very good friend to you. It’s possible that you may be mistaken, and that you are being over-sensitive - to the point where you are imagining people talking about you - but until you are demonstrated otherwise - I would go with your gut! And remember, when people behave badly toward us - we shouldn’t feel sorry for ourselves - we should feel sorry for them!

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