at the office...

Dear Raven -

I think you may have already solved your dream. You may not be sure of this guy’s attention for you (you say he is nice to everyone) but you also say that you may be afraid of being rejected - which is a fear we all face when we become interested in someone else romantically. They may like us as friends - but maybe not anymore than that. I think your dream shows that you are interested in this guy, that you like him pretty much from working with him so far, so why don’t you try to get to know him a bit better while you two are still working together? Just see if you like each other as friends first - you don’t have to worry about whether he’ll be your boyfriend or not right now. The best relationships are the ones that have a good level of friendship at their foundation. Maybe you two can watch a movie together or go somewhere during the day - for a bike ride, to see a concert or something outside. That would be fun and you two could get to know each other better at the same time!

Let us know how it goes!

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