jealous ex-boyfriend!

Dear Nervous -

Unfortunately you have good reason to be nervous. You were correct in removing yourself from this relationship and also in pursuing your policy of not wanting to speak with this person again. He obviously can not part graciously from your relationship and allow you - or himself - to move on to healthier relationships.

You haven’t heard from him in a while which is a good sign. Hopefully he will become involved with someone else and won’t call you anymore. Whatever you do, don’t return his calls or otherwise keep in contact with him. If you do you will be keeping a door open in your life that you really want to keep closed.

I believe your dream simply reflects a fear that you hold that he might try to retaliate against you for leaving the relationship - especially if he were to learn that you have a new boyfriend - which apparently would make him jealous. You most likely have picked up on the anger and resentment that he holds for you - even though he is calling you to tell you how much he “misses you.” You are from Las Vegas, so you will understand what I mean when I tell you that “the cards” are laid out on the table in front of you. Choose your hand wisely.

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