cosmic sex

I don't remember how it started. I just remember dreaming that I was having sex with a man, and as I watched us, it was like an out-of-body experience. I could see both of us as spirits separate from the bodies. I could feel everything my body felt but I could see us as spiritual beings too. In the groin area, where our bodies connected, I noticed that the "spirit" was one solid ball of energy.

When we finished and separated the ball of energy split equally in half and it felt like half of my "self" went with him. The man turned into a guy that lives a couple of doors down that I had never paid any attention to in the past.

Now, every time I see him it feels like I am looking at the male counterpart of my spiritual being. Am I taking the dream too seriously?

We were at a party one night (in reality, about eight months later), and were laughing over some jokes out of a calendar. Some of the others just didn't "get" them. One person accused us of being "wired the same." Our temperaments are very similar. I keep wanting to adopt him for a big brother, but he is attractive physically too. I can't believe I never noticed him before. What do you think the dream meant? 

—Teresa, age 39, divorced, Wyoming, USA

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