rundown castle

I dreamed that I was in an old, run-down medieval castle being chased by my husband. My husband was in a rage, and was trying to kill me and a large group of children that I was with. Some of the children were ours, but there were others in the group, too, that I don’t recall or didn’t recognize.

I herded the children quickly down many flights of stone steps in a spiral staircase. My husband continued to chase us. When we reached the ground level, we ran past an algae-covered pool where I saw my husband’s mother floating, face down, dead. I knew she had been killed by my husband. I shouted at the children to run faster, hoping they wouldn’t see the body.

Then I sent the group of children in one direction while I went in another, hoping to save the children by drawing my husband to me. I next found myself alone, scrambling desperately up the side of a scraggly cliff, trying to get away. My husband caught up to me and grabbed my ankle to try to pull me down. I kicked my leg hard to get him off of me. This is when I woke up, terrified, having just (for real) kicked my husband who was sleeping next to me.

—Debra, Age 38, Married, USA

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