heartfelt trip

First I should tell you that I am European, or the dream won’t make sense. I live in the Netherlands, although I am English. I recently met a really sweet American girl who lives here too, and things are progressing slowly, but I think well.

In my dream I am getting on this huge plane bound for New York. It’s really important that it’s run by KLM, the local operator, as I’m aware of this the whole way through the dream. The flight departs, but I’m sat in a seat on my own. I know my friends are on the flight, but not nearby.

The flight lands after no time, and I’m surprised at how quick the journey was. I get off the plane, which is more like a ship now, and head down the tower that it’s “moored” to. The tower stinks. It’s big, dirty, concrete, and ugly. When I get to the bottom I look round the street I’m in. The light is terrible (but I put this down to time difference). My watch tells me the time difference from London is “COMPLETE” (in red).

The street is full of rough looking guys, and I’m wishing I could just stay on that ship. I’m not comfortable at all in this place, but I really want to stay. Suddenly it’s as if I snap into focus, because some of these tough guys have spotted me and are running after me. I run into a forest, thick with foliage on the floor. The leaves on the ground are brown and wet. I think the safest thing would be to head back to the ship, so I decide to run down this hill to it.

The hill is steep and I come to a fence—big, iron, and rusty with spikes. It’s high, but because of the downhill gradient I can hop over it. As I do so I see another behind it. I’m sure I will fall on it, but I don’t. It seems no effort to jump the next, and another and another. The guys chasing me don’t stand a chance, and I relax, enjoying jumping these dangerous fences. I finally get back to the tower but can’t find the door. In the end I find it and the last thing I remember before waking was thinking how luxurious my ship looked inside. 

—Anonymous, Netherlands

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