my husband sleeps with a co-worker

Last night my husband and I got into an argument just before I was leaving to go to my night class. We have both been very stressed out lately. I have been trying to quit smoking and have cut down considerably because we would like to have a baby, and he has been down for the past two or three weeks with a broken foot. He can not walk on it or do anything.

By the time I got home from my class we were both sorry and made up. But last night I dreamed that we were at my aunt’s house and he went into a bedroom with a girl I work with, and I do not know this girl very well, and he does not know her at all, but he went into a back bedroom and had sex with her.

After they were done she left, and he came out and told me he wanted a divorce. At first I told him fine, that I didn’t want to have anything to do with him, but throughout the dream I went back and forth between that and begging him not to leave me because I loved him so much and would be lost without him. But he never changed his attitude to me throughout the whole dream. And all the while he was bragging to my cousins, whom he does not know, about what he had done with that girl.

This dream really affected me. When I woke up I had a really jealous feeling. And throughout the day every time I thought of this dream I got really jealous, even though I realize it was only a dream. I have never had the slightest thought of my husband being unfaithful, because I know him and know that he would not do that to me. 

—Anonymous, Age 21, Married, Female, West Frankfort, IL, USA

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