my husband's ex

I had a dream in which my present husband and I were getting ready to get married. I was running around in my wedding dress and we were doing all sorts of pre-wedding things. During all of this, his ex-girlfriend was there. She was obviously upset about our marriage, except in the dream this "ex" was actually a mutual friend whom he had never dated -- one of his friend's girlfriends whom I have always liked. Anyhow, I guess in my dream I had an "in-your-face" attitude while we were running around. (I have no idea what we were doing, and why I was doing all of it in my dress.)

Anyhow, she was getting more and more upset, and as the dream progressed she wound up standing on a ledge of a balcony or cliff of some sort -- and then she jumped. After she jumped, I ran over and looked down at her. My feelings were of regret and fear that I would get in trouble for being mean.

She was a mess and looked dead, but I climbed down to see better. It was very graphic -- the wounds, the blood, the body movements -- stuff like that. When I got all the way down, it was my brother.

To explain my brother, quickly, he is the kindest, gentlest person I know. He is six years older than I am and was my rock throughout childhood. We are not very close any more because his wife and I don't get along. We are not mad and we do not fight and we talk through e-mail daily -- we just aren't very close. But I wish we were; I love him a lot.

Why would that mess at the bottom of the cliff or balcony have been him? Why did I still only have the feeling of fear of being in trouble, fear that someone would find out I caused this? Instead of helping him, I let him lie face down while I went to call the paramedics. I am not crazy, but I am very disturbed by this. Why would I have such a violent and graphic dream?

—Teri, age 25, married, Arizona, USA

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