lost in a motel

I have a recurring dream which basically consists of me being in a large place, usually a motel. There are pools in several rooms, and I am searching for a room, but I never get into one. The rooms are always taken by other people, and I invariably walk in on people having sex. Or I will get a room, but it has no bed or no pool, or the pool is empty. It is always very frustrating, because when I decide to leave, I can't; the place turns into a maze.

I've been having this same dream, with some variations, for about five years. I have no idea what the pools mean, or why I seem to want to get into one so much. Sometimes I feel that it has some relationship with a man I was involved with, since he owned a pool. He left me when I told him I was pregnant. Since then I've had his baby, and am now happily married to another man.

Another variation of the dream is that I am being chased by an evil being, and the place I am in is a maze, and everywhere I run into is a room with a pool and there are people in it having sex. What does all this mean? 

—Elizabeth, age 26, Houston, TX

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